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Welcome to the work-life partnership website which is designed to provide you with an overview of the services we offer, from strategy and organisational development through board and team development to business and personal life coaching. We also offer hands-on project support in a wide range of situations as well as industry-specific expertise on the UK health care sector.

Since our work is designed around the needs of our clients we do not advertise a specific list of pre-packaged solutions. Instead we offer a range of services, sometimes in partnership with our associates, to improve many aspects of your business and personal lives.

How We Work

We are in business to make a difference to the lives of our clients and to our own. This is why, when we set up the business in 2000, we called it the work-life partnership. It demonstrates our approach to what we do – striving to achieve a balance between work and other aspects of our lives.

stonesWe have chosen to do this by working with our clients, in organisational and personal settings, to help them identify their true goals and most importantly, to achieve them.

Every organisation and every individual must change to sustain lasting prosperity and success. In an organisational setting, change can only happen through the people who work in it. In a personal context, change can only happen through clarity of goals, developing the necessary skills and maintaining commitment.

At the work-life partnership our aim is to deliver a high quality, professional service to our clients by:

  • First seeking to understand their concerns
  • Then working with clients to identify clear goals
  • And finally designing and delivering solutions specifically for the client.

To find out more about the services we offer, or to book an appointment Email us on:

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